About Ramona

Ramona Penelope Reed is my online pseudonym that I use to publish articles related to eating and mood disorders. I have been a sufferer of anorexia nervosa and major depression since middle school. In the October of 2011, I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 6 days because of my fourth suicide attempt. I am now currently diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bipolar disorder type-II. I regularly see my counsellor, psychiatrist, and physician for continued care and hopefully my recovery.

This blog is not meant to encourage any of these behaviours. It is not “pro-ana” of “pro-emo” in any way; it is simply a way of showing people what it is like to have these disorders, and to offer solace and reconfirmation that they are not alone to people suffering from similar disorders. I’ll try not to swear or anything, but this blog may contain some triggering content, such as references to weight loss, suicide, thinspiration, etc.

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